Business & Life Attunements

Part ritual. Part healing. In your 2-hour session, we'll discover and uncover your accomplishments, celebrate opportunities, re-member where you're headed,  unclog the blockages that are stopping you from moving forward, and sooth and heal the old stories that keep popping up.


I'll use all the magic at my fingertips, including journey, energy sigils (symbols), spirit guides, animal, plant, and stone medicine, and tarot and tea readings.

Here is what others are saying:

"Heather has the ability to take all the words and feelings coming at her and distill down the truth that needs to be seen or heard. She heals while she guides you to the clarity that is waiting to be seen."


~Lena Rivers, writer;

"I've had two Business Attunements with Heather Dakota. Both times I felt like I was getting clarity, support, and a sweet healing from her help. After our session, I felt renewed and supported with a clear path ahead of me."

~ Beth Barany, Novelist | Writing Teacher & Coach;

"Heather Dakota did an amazing Attunement ritual with me this morning. She is so gifted! I'm telling you, if you feel stuck, you need Heather and her amazing gift for holding space. She asks the right questions to help you vision and clear a path going forward. It is really, really beautiful and soulful heart work that she is doing! I feel so much lighter! Thank you, Heather!!!

~ Martina Rutledge, Fairytale Guide;

Price: $99 per session



If you feel stuck, unsure of your next step, or feel overwhelmed by it all, this is for you.


Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays 10am, or 1pm MST

If you need another time, let's
discuss it. I will make adjustments to accommodate working women and international clients.


Online, Live on Zoom or Skype

(because I want to see you face-to-face)


Once we get your appointment set, I'll send you a Zoom meeting link for your day and time. We'll meet on Zoom for two hours. Your Attunement will include a journey on your behalf, and could include a tea reading, tarot reading, spiritual healing, symbols,  or medicine (plant, animal, or stone).


We'll uncover and re-member the magic in your life or business, so you can move forward with ease and grace. Just bring yourSELF and be open to the magic flowing through you.


Because sometimes we get stuck in our own stories. Sometimes it takes someone else who can listen with sacred ears not only to what you're saying, but to the energy around you, too. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, but it takes someone else to guide you to it.


Let's get connected!



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