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I Am . . .  A Guided Journal

Pass the Story: Dreams, Journeys & Ancient Tales


Take a deep dive into your own stories! Pass the Story will have you healing old wounds and beliefs, while I Am...will gently guide you to your stories of now and the power within you.


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96-page Book of Stories

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Pass the Story: Dreams, Journeys & Ancient Tales

Words can wound. Words can heal.


Words are what make up the stories through which we view our lives. It is my belief that every story is worth telling, sharing, and hearing. The offering of these stories is as important to the women who are telling them, as it is to the women who are hearing them. We are part of the words, and the words are part of each of us. Ultimately, they connect us, and this too makes up a story. Come sit around the virtual fire and pass the story.

193-page Guided Journal


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I Am . . .  A Guided Journal

Stop wanting your dreams and feel the power of "I Am"...


This 193-page guided journal is filled with more than 1,000 soul-stirring prompts and play-full questions to re-member who you are. Rediscover the being who is buried under everyday stresses and other people's energy.


Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “I Am” has the Power to make your dreams come true."

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365 Ways to Just Be

365 Ways to "Be" in the feminine flow.


Learn the power of "being" with this 370-page book. The return of the feminine flow is upon us. Women are remembering and rewilding, sisterhoods are reforming, and the ancient knowledge is coming alive once again. Deshame and reclaim the wise woman within. Follow along day-by-day, or flip through the book letting your intuition guide you.

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365 Ways to Just Do

365 Ways to take action on your ideas.


This 370-page book is filled with ways that you can get things done. Follow along day-by-day, or flip through the book and let your Sacred Masculine choose the right words for you to take action. It's time for your Masculine Doer to take action in your life and get things done.

Children's Books

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide



2008 Parent's Choice Recommended Award!

The Complete Guide to

Greek Myths

Monster Survival Guide

Do you know how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? This book is the key to your survival. Discover how the virus could spread and what happens to someone who is bitten. Learn survival techniques and how to protect yourself and loved ones from a zombie. The zombie hordes could be stalking your street and the world at any time. Will you be ready? This is the way to safeguard your friends, family, and yourself. This book could save your life!


Available at Scholastic Book Fairs & Amazon

What do a platypus, a sea cucumber, and a wasp have in common? They all have POISON!


Learn about these venomous animals and many more that are found on land, in the water, and in the air. This fun, 96-page book features in-your-face photographs that bring the animals to life.


No longer available.

Which monster had a hundred dragon heads? Why did Heracles capture Artemis's sacred golden deer? How did Odysseus escape from the Cyclops? From heroic Theseus to terrifying Medusa, find out all about the gods, goddesses, monsters, and mortals in the fascinating world of ancient Greek Myths.



Available at Barnes & Noble.

The hunt is on! Do you have what it takes to be a monster hunter? Monsters are hiding everywhere, but you'll need proof before anyone will take you seriously. I've been hunting monsters, recording evidence. Inside are a few of my monster hunting adventures. Are you ready? This book may save your life!



Available at Scholastic Book Fairs.

Gifts of Spirit

Animals & their natural gifts

Polar Bear's Magic

Maddie's Very Big Move

My Little Monsters

Open up the lines of communication with your child. From Gerry Giraffe's gift of reaching for the stars to Otis the Owl's gift of deep listening, you and your child will be able to discuss and explore your own unique gifts and talents through the animals. This 32-pge book is filled with bold colors and fun animals to delight children of all ages.


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Everyone has Magic!


Come on an adventure with Polar Bear to discover the magic of each animal from Owl to Buffalo and Seagull to Honeybee. Polar Bear learns that there are no mistakes and that everyone has a different kind of magic. the illustrations are bright, colorful, whimsical, and add a bit more magic for your young reader. So...

What's Your Magic?


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Maddie and her parents are moving to the country. What will Maddie do? She has to change schools and leave her grandparents and friends. Learn how Maddie deals with her fears of moving.


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Ethan wants a pet. He begs his parents, but they say "NO!" What will Ethan do? Follow along in this easy-reader and find out what hilarious lengths this boy genius with a vivid imagination will go to for a pet of his own.


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