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A Wild Walk Around the Wheel

This year-long course will help you find your power, create sacred objects, add to your medicine toolkit with Animal, Plant, and Stone medicine, and celebrate the turning of the wheel, the Elements, and our natural cycles.


We will begin our journey around the wheel this month with Wind/Air by making prayer ties and honoring the rebirth of the maiden within us. We will work with Rabbit, Mint, and Peridot. Spring Equinox will be celebrated on March 20.


Our journey with the daughter within us continues this month by making a feather wand. We will work with Deer, Tobacco, Carnelian, and celebrate our moon cycles.


May starts off with Beltane, as we honor our sexuality and our ability as women to create. We will learn about Moon Gardening and work with Fox, Beet Root, and Rose Quartz.


In June, we'll honor the marriage of our Sacred Masculine with our Sacred Feminine. We'll anoint ourselves with oils by creating symbols and sigils, and work with Snake, Dandelion, and Shiva Lingam stone. On June 21st, we'll celebrate the Summer Solstice.


As the wheel turns, we'll honor the new mother within us by making a Spirit Cloth that can be used on Altars or as a wall-hanging. We'll work with Spider, Coneflower, and Selenite.


This month, we'll honor the Mother and our creations and/or families by creating a talking stick so everyone is seen and heard. We'll work with Wolf, Rose, and Mother of Pearl. We will celebrate the first harvest on August 1st.


September has us entering the Watery West of the wheel, we'll honor the Young Queen  with a medicine pouch, and reflect on the abundance that we have created. We'll work with Buffalo, Evening Primrose, and Snowflake Obsidian. We will celebrate the Fall Equinox on September 22.


Our journey with honoring the Queen within us continues this month, as we create Dreamcatchers to hold our dreams. We'll work with Raven, Mugwort, and Turquoise to amplify our true voice.


This month we'll celebrate the Queen within us finding her power and flowing with the river of life, as we clean, clear, and cleanse the hearth. We'll work with Mouse, Sage, and Smoky Quartz. We'll celebrate Samhain on November 1st.



A Woman who is searching for the sacred in every day, the power within herself, and the deep understanding of her connection to the Earth and its medicine


You can take the full-year course or pick and choose the month's that you want to participate. It will be a month-long deep dive with the medicine.


Online; Facebook group, Facebook Live, Zoom, Instagram, and Emails


On the first of the month, you'll receive an email with a welcome video and PDF. We'll create a sacred object or do a ritual during the New Moon, and have a fireside story during the Full Moon. We'll celebrate the holidays of the wheel and the medicine that represents it.


PDFs, Videos, meditations, Q&As Live on Facebook, honoring the turning of the wheel, the feminine power of creation, the Earth Medicine that represents each turn, and nurturing, nourishing (recipes), and celebrating YOU.


It is my belief that feminine energy is rising and many women are being called to usher in a new way of being in the world. A potent time of belonging, nurturing, and supporting each other and the Earth is coming. We are at the crossroads. Will you be ready?


As we enter the North of the Wheel, the young Crone will be honored for her wisdom. We'll create crowns to adorn us and symbolize the ancient wisdom within our DNA. We'll work with Owl, Lavender, and Iolite. We'll celebrate Winter Solstice on December 21st.


$99 (suggested donation for the year)


This month the Crone is in her full glory and power. We'll create Medicine Bundles and nature offerings to honor the spirits who have walked us through the wheel. We'll work with Bear, Yarrow, and Moonstone.


This final month of our journey will honor Death and the cycles of life. We'll finish creating our Earth Medicine Toolkits as we honor the ancestors and death, and look toward the rebirth of next year. We'll work with Moth, Cedar, and Black Tourmaline.

Medicines are subject to change, based on the callings of Great Spirit and the Collective Unconscious.

What? Why is this by donation?


Here is my thinking behind the donation approach: It is my belief that women of long ago traded and bartered for their healing services in order to purchase or barter for other things they needed. I want to go back to that method of payment. Even though we are still functioning in a partriarchal society, what I do is not a commodity. Strange and awkward, I know, but this feels right to me. The feminine way of being in business is to trust the Universe to provide for her needs.


  • I trust that you will find the medicine that creates a sacredness in your every day.
  • I trust that this medicine will have a value for you that you are willing and able to pay, whether by the year or for the months you want.
  • I trust the Universe to provide for my needs.


Pay what you can, or make payments. I trust you.


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