"The world will be saved by the
Western Woman." ~Dalai Lama

It is my belief that the old ways of the patriarchy are coming to an end. It is time to usher in the rise of a more feminine culture. If you feel the feminine rising within you or even if you are curious about it, you are being called to find your medicine and the sacredness in your every day.


It is my deepest dream to inspire other women, like you, to rise up and bring about a new way of being in  harmony with each other, Mother Earth, and yourself.

Won't you join me? The Feminine is Rising!

Feminine Rising TM

What you can expect?

I love this life and live it with great intention and gratitude. My heart and soul goes into every workshop, course,  or book that I create. My hope is to inspire you to follow the thread of your energy and re-member the power within you.

We'll dream, create, play, dance, sing, tell stories, honor the medicine, and really take good care of each other and ourselves.

Our threads will weave a beautiful tapestry of feminine power. Together we will usher in a new way of being in the world. One where everyone belongs, is valued for her unique qualities, gifts, and knowledge, and where we honor the medicine and magic that is part of every sacred day!


I'm in! What does it cost?

Wild Woman Empowerment Quest

9-month process, 4-day Quest in nature to discover your medicine and power

Feminine Rising Pilgrimage

8-days in England to discover the Goddess
within you

By donation

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