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Hi! I'm Heather Dakota.

The Short Story

I have been studying Earth Medicine since I was 9 years old.


I’ve spent thousands of hours traveling the outer world gathering stories and legends, and thousands more mapping the landscape of Nonordinary reality.


As a modern woman you may have little time to take care of your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies, which has been depleted by nurturing and nourishing others. Many years ago, I had a dream where women came to me because I had a safe space for them to be nurtured and nourished. Today, I gather women with online courses, one-on-one support, and in-person retreats. Each woman is held, supported, and loved. Think of it, like crawling into the lap of a great big mama bear and having her arms wrap around you. You are safe. You are held. You are accepted exactly as you are. I use Earth Medicine tools like new and ancient stories, rituals and ceremonies, and animal, plant, and stone wisdom to help you reconnect with yourself, your sisters, and the Earth. The time of the warrior is ending and the feminine is rising. Are you with me?



The modern woman is depleted and underconnected to herself, the Earth, and other women. We are at the crossroads. It is time to step into our feminine power to usher in a new way of being in the world.

~Heather Dakota

The Slightly Longer Tale


When I was very young, I would sit in the trees or a field of wildflowers listening to their stories and telling them my own. An Earth Medicine Storyteller and Hedge Witch was born.


When I was nine years old, I had my first encounter with an Animal Spirit Guide. Within two weeks, I had another experience with a different animal. I knew it was significant then. It still gives me chills. I tell the stories here.


Fast-forward to 1988, I got my college degree in fine art, hoping what I was told about starving artists wasn't true, but kind of expecting that it was. There were stories to be healed. I did what any gypsy soul would do...I ran away to the Caribbean.


I found myself surrounded by wise women and magic makers. I unabashedly soaked in their wisdom. I was alive and curious, but wanted more, so much more.


So, like a good vagabond, I gathered my stuff and headed for Taos, New Mexico.


The heart and soul of that place kindled a fire in my belly and lit my passions like no place before or since! Once again, I found myself in the presence of another wise woman and Indigenous Elders who helped me hone my Earth Medicine skills. I also had my most amazing encounter with an Animal Guide that I've ever had. You can read about it in Pass the Story.


What I learned was that women are the most courageous, alive, and the wisest freedom fighters there are in this world, but many (including myself for many years) have lost ancient wisdom, as we go about our busy lives.


I spent 20+ years in wilds of publishing, getting ready to shine my light in the world, but something still wasn't quite right.


This was a life that some people dream of (I was a published author and an editor/writer at the world's largest children's publisher).


But, I was holding back "the woo-woo!" So, I quit my day job, and here I am carrying the ancient wisdom in my heart, mind, and hands!




In the middle of a huge transition, Heather's journey work came to my attention—it felt like an immediate "Yes" to work with her.


When I received the medicine and read it, I could feel the truth of it and my energy was already shifting toward what she saw. Her message was so supportive and resonated deeply with me. I am extraordinarily grateful for this powerful work and the support of clear guidance. I am already calling on the animals and the wisdom of her journey.


If you seek answers during times of challenge or change, Heather is the healer and medicine woman you want on your team. I highly recommend her magical ways.


~ Nona Jordan, Coach;

I could tell you a bunch of other stuff about me ... like the time at six months pregnant I found out I was having twins ...
or that I can sing all of the songs from
Aladdin ... that I physically ran into Judge Reinhold as he was going out the door that I was coming in ... or that turquoise is my favorite color and stone of choice.


But I'll leave you with what makes up my intentional, playful, joyful life:


I am a soulful entrepreneur (Soul-o-preneur). I've wanted my own business for as long as I can remember. I've battled and embraced jealousy, comparison, self-doubt, and anger (and still do). My perspective shifted when I realized I could connect the unlimited power of my own soul and Earth Medicine wisdom with Source energy to create a business I love and that loves me. There is no more pushing the river. I found my thread and followed it!


I am a Photoshop guru. I got my first camera when I was six years old. I still have that Brownie camera. My absolute favorite thing to do is collage photos within Photoshop into an image that could have been taken in Nonordinary reality or your dreams.


I am adventurous. This includes everything in my life. I travel often and am not afraid to try new places filled with amazing experiences. I was born with a gypsy soul, so you never know where I might be or what ideas I might be cooking up.


I am a Pisces. And my moon sign is Virgo. (Talk about a dichotomy!) I am a captain in the sea of other people's emotions. I love inspiring others to live with intention and walk softly on Mother Earth. And my bag of magical tricks helps them do just that. I love seeing the light come on in someone's eyes as they discover the hidden treasures within.



Thank you for visiting my website. I trust you’ll find what will serve your heart’s and soul’s longing.

Are you feeling called to work with me? Find out more here.




Some people will become blinded by your light. Don't let them shut down your power.

~Heather Dakota


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